2018 Primary Chart

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Hover over each Member of Congress (MOC) dot to see if they exceed or fall below their district’s expectations. If their dot is above their expected line, it means they’re voting more progressive than their colleagues in similar districts; if they are below the line, it means the opposite. Beyond being above or below their […]

Map/Scores Regularly Updated!

Even though we can’t write blog posts as much as we used to for this site, please continue using our site for all of our scores to better know how your representatives and senators are performing relative to their district. We will update the scores semi-regularly! You can see when our site and scores get […]

American Politics in a Nutshell

Christopher Ingraham points out that conservatives are, of course, dead wrong about this, but it explains quite a bit about American politics. Particularly when you consider who conservatives think the poor people are, the racial angle here jumps out. Read more from Pew’s awesome new political typology report.