What is Wrong With Delaware’s Elected Democrats?

Delawareans have three federally elected officials representing them in Congress, none of whom adequately represent their state: Tom Carper (D – Senior Senator) Christopher Coons (D – Junior Senator) John Carney (D – At-Large Representative) All of these members represent a D+8 — which is basically another way of saying that Barack Obama won with fairly […]

GRAPH: Democratic Congresswomen Are More Progressive Than Men

Back in 2011 Matthew Yglesias observed that DW-Nominate scores showed Democratic women were more liberal than Democratic men, but then updated the post with a link to this 2009 paper from Brian Frederick showing that the effect went away when you controlled for a district’s partisan profile. We were curious if that had changed at […]

2018 Primary Chart

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Hover over each Member of Congress (MOC) dot to see if they exceed or fall below their district’s expectations. If their dot is above their expected line, it means they’re voting more progressive than their colleagues in similar districts; if they are below the line, it means the opposite. Beyond being above or below their […]