What Kinds of Democrats Can Win in Conservative Seats?

The debate between Daily Kos creator Markos Moulitsas and centrist messaging shop Third Way has sparked a good conversation about what to do about conservative Democrats in seats at higher risk of flipping red. Count us on Team Kos for this one. Third Way argues that some of the conservative Democrats named by Markos (Max Baucus, Evan […]

CHART: How ‘No Labels’ Enables Republican Extremism

As Ryan’s graph makes clear, House Democrats moderate in response to district demographics, and House Republicans basically don’t. Here it is again for reference: This graph is the appropriate starting point for any discussion of polarization in American politics. The country doesn’t have a polarization problem – it has a Republican problem. Democratic members of Congress […]

#IL13: Color Us Ann Callis Supporters

The second primary of the 2014 election season is set for tomorrow, Tuesday March 18th, and one of the most important federal races in the country this November is IL-13. Illinois’s 13th District is viewed as one of the most important swing districts in the nation. According to the Cook Political Report it’s an Even […]