American Politics in a Nutshell

Christopher Ingraham points out that conservatives are, of course, dead wrong about this, but it explains quite a bit about American politics. Particularly when you consider who conservatives think the poor people are, the racial angle here jumps out. Read more from Pew’s awesome new political typology report.

#NY13: Rangel Wins Final Term

Representative Charlie Rangel bested State Sen. Adriano Espaillat by a small 47-44 margin in NY-13 last night. David Nir at Daily Kos Elections sums up the victory very swiftly: Rangel pulled it off by performing better in majority-black precincts than Espaillat did in predominantly Hispanic precincts, not least because Rangel did well in the heavily Puerto […]

AL-07: That Time Uber-Safe Terri Sewell Voted Against All the Environmental Things

One line of pushback we’ve heard against the Primary Colors strategy of targeting errant safe-seat Democrats for primaries is that most of the safe Democrats are with us on most things, and it’s not worth spending money that could be spent on beating Republicans on primary challenges to moderately crappy Democrats. We disagree! Case in […]