Want to trade in your conservative Democrat for a better one, but nervous that your liberal hero will lose to a Republican?

Every election year we hear this same argument play out.

On one side, official party leaders and campaign professionals, who tend to have a lower risk tolerance, argue that primary challenges to sitting members of Congress (MOC) will jeopardize general election victory.

On the other side, ideological activists with a higher risk tolerance support primary challenges to conservative Democrats in places where it might not make sense.

Primary Colors will help mediate some of these disputes with a new algorithm that compares a MOC’s ideology to her district’s partisan lean, and prioritizes a list of primary challenges to excessively conservative members in relatively safe Democratic districts.

Member scores will be updated every week to reflect recent votes, and we’ll update our blog with news about primary elections in the yellow targeted districts, information on upcoming score-impacting votes, and general interest political science fun.

We’ll also be rolling out some powerful new tools for local activists to help draft candidates in the targeted states and districts, sign up to volunteer for campaigns, and raise money for challengers.

We hope activists and journalists will find this site to be a useful resource for analyzing electoral contests, and we look forward to gathering feedback from readers. If you have more questions, check out our FAQ page. And to learn all about our scores, head over to our methodology page.