Hover over a district and click to zoom in to learn more about how progressive the representative is. After zooming in, click again to go to the district page. Each district is highlighted in a different color (see key below) based on how much that Democrat deserves a primary challenge.

Expected Score
Actual Score
Progressive Value
  • Open
  • Good Democrat
  • Should be more Progressive
  • Could Be Primaried
  • Should Be Primaried
  • Must Be Primaried
  • Republican
  • VT
  • NJ
  • DE
  • NH
  • MA
  • CT
  • RI
  • MD

House of Representatives

Welcome to our House blog! You can read all our posts on House races here, or click on a district to read stats and articles about that district’s member of Congress.

#VA08: Tonight’s Opportunity to Shift Congress to the Left

There’s a House seat up-for-grabs in tonight’s primary election that is fairly similar to PA-13 in at least one way: the retiring Democratic House member wasn’t necessarily a bad Democrat, but they also certainly didn’t use their deep blue seat to push any progressive barriers. That’s the situation VA-08 is in right now with retiring Representative Jim […]

  1. Interacting with the Map

    Using your mouse you can click and hover over individual districts.

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  3. Politician Information

    Here you will find all of the information on a district/state's representatives. Hover over their scores for more informaton on what each score means.

  4. Map Key

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  5. Small States

    Click on each button to navigate to the smaller states.

  6. Have fun!

    The map contains a lot of information for you to explore and we're adding more and more as the days go on. Stay tuned!