Hover over a district and click to zoom in to learn more about how progressive the representative is. After zooming in, click again to go to the district page. Each district is highlighted in a different color (see key below) based on how much that Democrat deserves a primary challenge.

Expected Score
Actual Score
Progressive Value
  • Open
  • Good Democrat
  • Should be more Progressive
  • Could Be Primaried
  • Should Be Primaried
  • Must Be Primaried
  • Republican
  • VT
  • NJ
  • DE
  • NH
  • MA
  • CT
  • RI
  • MD

House of Representatives

Welcome to our House blog! You can read all our posts on House races here, or click on a district to read stats and articles about that district’s member of Congress.

#CA17: Khanna Advances to General Election, Faces Tough November Race Against Honda

On Tuesday, California held its 2014 primary elections — and the CA-17 results confirm what many of us have long-suspected, with current progressive representative Mike Honda handily winning the contest with 48.6% to challenger Ro Khanna’s 27.1%. From our perspective, while the general election will be hard-fought, the most important piece about Tuesday’s election for November is […]

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