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Rep. Raul Ruiz has voted against some important progressive priorities in a competitive R+1 district. We wouldn’t recommend a primary in an R+ district, but Congressman Ruiz can definitely get away with voting a couple notches to the left, and he definitely doesn’t have to join Republicans on message votes designed to embarrass Democrats. In 2012, President Obama won CA-36  with 50.7% of the vote.

A few of Congressman Ruiz’s bad votes:

  • In 2013, Rep. Ruiz was one of 9 Democrats who voted with the tea party to shut down the government when they couldn’t defund Obamacare.
  • In 2013, Rep. Ruiz voted for House Republicans’ “Require a Plan” gimmick, trolling President Obama to send them a balanced budget. House Republicans have yet to propose a budget that balances within a 10-year window.
  • In 2013, Rep. Duckworth voted for a bank-written bill undermining key derivatives regulations in the Dodd-Frank financial reform law
  • In 2013, Rep. Ruiz voted for House Republicans’ “Keep Your Plan Act” that would have restored substandard individual market plans, and undermined Obamacare’s health care market reforms
    In 2013, Rep. Ruiz voted for a Republican bill to delay the individual mandate, which would undermine Obamacare’s
  • In 2013, Rep. Ruiz voted for the CISPA bill that would have removed important digital privacy protections online
  • In 2013, Rep. Ruiz voted for House Republican message votes, reopening select popular government programs during the GOP’s shutdown. The only purpose of these votes was to weaken Democrats politically in the shutdown negotiations.

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