Representative Sanford Bishop has frequently voted against progressive priorities in a liberal district. President Barack Obama won GA-02 with 58.6% of the vote in 2012. It’s time to have a real progressive representing the people of Georgia’s 2nd congressional district.

A Few Reasons to Primary:

  • In 2008, Rep. Bishop voted to give telecommunications companies retroactive immunity for warrantless wiretapping
  • In 2011, Rep. Bishop voted to prevent Defense appropriations from being spent on LGBT military spouses
  • In 2011, Rep. Bishop voted against repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
  • In 2011, Rep. Bishop voted to rescind the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions
  • In 2012, Rep. Bishop voted for a Republican bill to eliminate the medical device tax – an important pay-for in the Affordable Care Act
  • In 2013, Rep. Bishop voted against the House Progressive Caucus’s “Back to Work” budget
  • in 2013, Rep. Bishop voted for a Republican bill preempting federal regulation of natural gas drilling
  • In 2013, Rep. Bishop voted to relax Dodd-Frank regulations on financial swaps

Know somebody who could represent the 2nd District better for progressives? Help us draft them here.