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Representative Cheri Bustos has consistently voted against progressives in a liberal district. President Barack Obama won IL-17 with 57% of the vote in 2012. It’s time to have a real progressive representing the people of Illinois’s 17th congressional district.

A Few Reasons to Primary:

  • In 2013, Rep. Bustos not only opposed the budgets House progressives offered as alternatives to Paul Ryan’s budget, she even voted against the moderate Senate budget.
  • In 2013, Rep. Bustos voted with Republicans to bar the EPA from regulating coal ash, which is more radioactive than nuclear waste
  • In 2013, Rep. Bustos voted with Republicans on the Agriculture Committee to slash SNAP by $20.5 billion.
  • In 2013, Rep. Bustos voted to force through the Keystone XL pipeline by unconstitutionally removing President Obama from the process
  • In 2013, Rep. Bustos voted for a Republican bill to deregulate derivatives
  • In 2013, Rep. Bustos voted against the House Progressive Caucus’s “Back to Work” budget
  • In 2013, Rep. Bustos voted for the GOP’s ‘Keep Your Plan’ gimmick that would have badly damaged Obamacare’s health care exchanges

Know any Democrats who could represent this seat better for progressives? Draft them here!

#IL17: When Cheri Bustos Voted Against Every Progressive Budget

At Primary Colors, we are consistently baffled by Cheri Bustos’ conservative voting record. As an incumbent rep in a district that voted 57-41 for Obama in 2012, she has little chance of losing her seat. But despite her district’s progressive tilt, Rep. Bustos has rarely, if ever, demonstrated a true commitment to progressive policy. Case […]

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