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Representative Filemon Vela has consistently voted against progressives in a liberal district. President Barack Obama won TX-34 with 61% of the vote in 2012. It’s time to have a real progressive representing the people of Texas’s 34th congressional district.

A Few Reasons to Primary:

  • In 2011, Rep. Vela was still a Republican. We can do better in a D+8 district.
  • In 2013, Rep. Vela voted with Republicans to bar the EPA from regulating coal ash, which is more radioactive than nuclear waste
  • In 2013, Rep. Vela voted for the Energy Consumers Relief Act, one of many Republican bills designed to gut the EPA’s regulatory authority
  • In 2013, Rep. Vela voted for the REINS Act – one of the zanier Republican ideas to cripple Executive Branch agencies’ regulatory authority
  • In 2013, Rep. Vela voted for Republicans’ No Budget, No Pay gimmick – a messaging vote they used to troll Senate Democrats
  • In 2013, Rep. Vela voted against the House Progressive Caucus’s “Back to Work” budget

#TX34: That Time Filemon Vela Was a Republican Until 2011

If you were still a Republican at the end of the Bush administration, we have a hard time buying that you’re a Democrat now. Filemon Vila stuck with the Republican party during the worst of times, and then he stuck with it some more, through the first two years of the Obama administration, which was […]

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