#IASen: Hilarious Candidate Runs ‘Dem’ Primary Write-In Campaign Against Braley (VIDEO)

We’re probably playing right into what Bob Quast wants by posting this video — but it’s too hilarious/terrible:

Mr. Quast is apparently attempting to mount a write-in campaign for Iowa‘s U.S. Senate seat in the Democratic primary against presumptive nominee Bruce Braley.

As you can tell from the [insane] video above, Quast isn’t exactly liberal. His hopes for an upset likely falls on Iowa having a ‘mixed primary‘ system. A mixed primary is closed in the sense that only members of its own party can vote for their candidates, but ‘mixed’ because you can re-register from a Republican to a Democrat, or vice versa, on the day of Iowa’s primary election, June 3rd.

People are occasionally encouraged to re-register briefly to the opposition’s party to vote for a candidate that will disturb that party’s primary and ultimately hurt their chances in the general election — but it almost never does any real damage.

The safest bet here is that Quast is simply interested in getting his name out there and has no actual delusions of winning — but with a campaign ad this strange, you never know what the intentions are.