#VA08: Tonight’s Opportunity to Shift Congress to the Left

There’s a House seat up-for-grabs in tonight’s primary election that is fairly similar to PA-13 in at least one way: the retiring Democratic House member wasn’t necessarily a bad Democrat, but they also certainly didn’t use their deep blue seat to push any progressive barriers. That’s the situation VA-08 is in right now with retiring Representative Jim […]

#CA17: Khanna Advances to General Election, Faces Tough November Race Against Honda

On Tuesday, California held its 2014 primary elections — and the CA-17 results confirm what many of us have long-suspected, with current progressive representative Mike Honda handily winning the contest with 48.6% to challenger Ro Khanna’s 27.1%. From our perspective, while the general election will be hard-fought, the most important piece about Tuesday’s election for November is […]

#NYGov: It’s Not a Primary Challenge, But Governor Cuomo is Facing a Progressive Opponent

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), despite leading on important progressive issues like same-sex marriage and curbing gun violence, has long been reviled by the left for a host of betrayals ranging from slashing the state’s estate tax to actively helping Republicans take control the New York State Senate (yes, you read that correctly). Common wisdom holds […]