Primary Colors to Update for 115th Congress in April

You’ve likely noticed by now that our House and Senate members (and their scores) are still from the 114th Congress. And while we do plan on updating this as soon as possible, we are waiting for the Cook Political Report to update their Partisan Voting Index (PVI) first, because it’s one of the most pivotal parts of our algorithm — without it, we wouldn’t be able to accurately measure elected officials’ progressivism against their current district lean. Otherwise, we’d be making judgements based on data in a pre-Trump world, which is clearly (and unfortunately) a very different time.

In the age of Donald Trump, it’s more important than ever to hold Democrats accountable to protect, defend, and represent their constituents. Trump lost by 2.9 million votes —  and while the Democrats may have less seats than Republicans, they are not the minority, and they need to act like it. We continue to put forth our best effort to make sure that happens.

The actual timing of the update will depend on the good people at Cook Political Report but we’ve spoken to them and it looks like they’ll have updated PVIs by mid-March which should mean our map will be updated by April.