Hover over a state and click to zoom in to learn more about how progressive the representative is. After zooming in, click again to go to the state page. Each state is highlighted in a different color (see key below) based on how much that Democrat deserves a primary challenge.

Expected Score
Actual Score
Progressive Value
Expected Score
Actual Score
Progressive Value
  • Open
  • Good Democrat
  • Should be more Progressive
  • Could Be Primaried
  • Should Be Primaried
  • Must Be Primaried
  • Republican
  • VT
  • NJ
  • DE
  • NH
  • MA
  • CT
  • RI
  • MD


Welcome to our Senate blog! You can read all our posts on Senate races here, or click on a state to read stats and articles about that state’s U.S. Senators.

May 20th Primaries: From #PA13 On Down

Brendan Boyle confirmed our suspicions and took home the PA-13 Democratic primary by a comfortable 40-27 margin over Marjorie Margolies. Unfortunately, our preferred candidate Daylin Leach finished third with 17%, just ahead of Valerie Arkoosh who took 15%. On a night featuring more big contests for national Republicans than Democrats, there weren’t a whole lot of […]

#MESen: Angus King Flirts With Caucusing With GOP

Fresh off of voting ‘no‘ on the Paycheck Fairness Act (yes, you read that correctly), Independent Maine Senator Angus King suggests he may caucus with the GOP if Republicans take the Senate after 2014. When asked about the potential switch after his horrible vote, King responded: “I’ll make my decision at the time based on […]

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