Targeted Democrats

Below is our full list of House Democrats who are too conservative for their reasonably liberal districts. These congresspeople are broken down into Primary Score sections from 1-10, where a 1 means they simply should be more progressive to better represent their district and a 10 means they must be primaried as soon as possible.

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  1. Interacting with the Map

    Using your mouse you can click and hover over individual districts.

  2. Navigation Buttons

    Use these buttons to navigate without your mouse. The home button will zoom you out to the inital view.

  3. Politician Information

    Here you will find all of the information on a district/state's representatives. Hover over their scores for more informaton on what each score means.

  4. Map Key

    Click on each label to show/hide content. Hover to get more information.

  5. Small States

    Click on each button to navigate to the smaller states.

  6. Have fun!

    The map contains a lot of information for you to explore and we're adding more and more as the days go on. Stay tuned!