Throwback Thursday: The Club for Growth’s Favorite Democrat

If the Guinness World Records folks ever establish an award for trolling, we’re going to have to nominate Democrat Henry Cuellar, of Texas’s 28th District.

While Cuellar holds a reasonably safe D+7 district, he looks for every opportunity to distance himself from progressive causes at every turn. My man is probably pumped this blog post is happening right now. Just you wait, Henry!

Cuellar only votes with progressives 56.9% of the time, when he could be with us 83.8% of the time – as one might expect from someone who endorsed George W. Bush back in 2000.

Then in 2006, Cuellar’s record was so conservative that he became the first Democrat the ultra-winger group Club for Growth ever endorsed.

Club for Growth was into Tea Party “economics” before that was even cool in Republican politics. When asked about the endorsement, which he admittedly did not actively seek, Cuellar offered this non-repudiation, via Burnt Orange Report:

Cuellar’s campaign said that the Club for Growth never contacted them before issuing the endorsement, and that the endorsement came “out of left field.” Cuellar issued a statement: “I find that with any endorsement you get half of their friends and all of their enemies. The only endorsement that I am looking for is the endorsement of the voters in this district, and I am working hard everyday to earn it.

Cuellar also authored this blog post at the Heritage Foundation’s Foundry blog giving Democratic cover to corporatist trade deals, and received the highest score of any Democrat on the Heritage Action scorecard.

Cuellar has faced primary competition from Richard Raymond before. Do any local activists know if Raymond would be interested in challenging Cuellar again? Any promising Democrats in the district who could be persuaded to run?