#TX34: That Time Filemon Vela Was a Republican Until 2011

If you were still a Republican at the end of the Bush administration, we have a hard time buying that you’re a Democrat now.

Filemon Vila stuck with the Republican party during the worst of times, and then he stuck with it some more, through the first two years of the Obama administration, which was marked by unwavering House Republican opposition to every last initiative the President supported.

But then conveniently, when TX-34 was redrawn as a safe D+8 district in 2010, Vila had a change of heart!

Political brinksmanship in 2011 by a Republican majority on Capitol Hill swayed longtime Republican Filemon Vela to filed as a Democrat in the 2012 congressional elections […]

“The actions taken by the GOP in the House late last year involving the payroll tax cut, among other issues … were so extreme,” he said on Friday.

Vela now is one of six Democratic candidates – including five from Cameron County – to have filed for the 27th Congressional District that under most redistricting scenarios will be anchored in Brownsville before stretching north to western Nueces County […]

He said his decision to run as a Democrat in a heavily Hispanic, Democratic district is not about political expediency.

Vela grabbed 40.46% of vote in the six-way primary, which went to a run-off where he won with 66.63% of vote. He didn’t face a primary challenge in 2014, but he definitely should have.

Congressman Vela is one of our top targeted Democrats. In a D+8 district, the recent Boehner Republican has been voting with progressives only 67.4% of the time. Other members in D+8 districts can be expected to vote with progressives about 84.2% of the time.

Live in the district? Check out some of the reasons why we’re targeting Congressman Vela, and then help us recruit someone better to run in the 2016 primary using our draft page.