Day: January 9, 2024

Blind Tasting of the Best White Rum BrandsBlind Tasting of the Best White Rum Brands

good white rum brands

The good white rum brands are bright, light and refreshing – they blend well with other ingredients in cocktails like the Mojito and Daiquiri. They’re also the base spirit of classic drinks like the Cuba Libre.

In the rum world, white rum is one of the most mixable spirits alongside vodka and gin. But it’s not as widely understood or revered as other types of rum. That’s because of the confusion over what is actually considered a white rum – it can be clear molasses-based rum that never sees a barrel or it can be aged and then filtered to remove color. And then there are rums that have no color at all (think unaged cane juice distillates like rhum agricole).

Sip in Style: Spotlight on Good White Rum Brands That Elevate Your Drinking Experience

Our blind tasting of the best white rum brands found that the most popular and available rums tend to fall into the category of simple, non-aged rum. But there are also some interesting new white rums on the market from smaller companies with a deep commitment to craft. These rums might not have age statements but they have complex flavor profiles that are worth exploring, whether in a cocktail or straight up over ice.

From old standards like Bacardi to new offerings from small-batch producers, here are the best white rums to buy. Whether you’re looking for a good value bottle or something special to sip on the rocks, these are our top picks.